Saturday, April 9, 2011

Veggie Grill, I want to marry you

Before I went on my Disney mission, I had to go to Irvine to pick up my diploma (I just got an MA in English). I also had a card for a free birthday meal from Veggie Grill! There is a Veggie Grill right next to UCI's campus, in the University Shopping Center. This is where I was introduced to the goodness that is the Veggie Grill. I've since been to the Irvine Spectrum and West Hollywood locations, but this one will always be my favorite.

I didn't take a picture of it, but their Strawberry Lemonade is delicious. Also, I learned if you eat in, they will still give you a to go cup for this deliciousness and there are free refills. So drink up!

I had two starters for my meal: the macaroni and cheese and the nachos (I was clearly not in a health food mood; I usually have the quinoa salad).

These nachos actually gave me an idea. I think I'm going to start trying to make my own versions of stuff I eat a restaurants and give you, (my seven readers :P) the recipes for them. These nachos are the bomb diggity but Veggie Grill is too far away for me to go every day. The beans are northern white beans in a spicy sauce. I think the cheese is Daiya, mixed with soy milk? Not sure. There is also cashew sour cream, guac, tomatoes, green onions and jalapenos involved. Delicious.
The mac and cheese tastes a lot like Amy's brand mac, which makes sense since they both use Daiya. Veggie Grill puts bread crumbs on top and I added Cholula sauce, salt and pepper (no tomato sauce, boo).

Mikey had the Cajun chicken burger:

Very good. Nice blend of Cajun spices. I like their buns as well; they have that nice whole wheat taste to them. The chicken was Gardein chicken (I think) and it was grilled just like regular chicken sandwiches. It also came with sweet potato fries and Veggie Grill's chipotle ranch sauce. Seriously, if they bottled this dressing, I would be a happy girl. It tastes just like spicy ranch! I think the hardest thing for me about being vegan has always been the loss of ranch. I ate it with my fries all the time, with fried zucchini and on my salads. I've tried vegan ranch but nothing measures up. Except Veggie Grill's chipotle ranch.

So once again, the Veggie Grill satisfies me and wants my hand in marriage. I really wish they'd open one closer to me, in Claremont or something.

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