Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Allison's Gourmet

Hello! For those of you who didn't know, I won Allison's Gourmet Easter Scavenger Hunt! right after I complained about how I never win anything! It's like the universe said "in your face, Jennifer!" in a good way. Anyway, I thought I'd review it, seeing as how I've never had any product from Allison's before.

As you can see, the fudge came in a lovely box...I kind of didn't want to ruin it, but there was FUDGE inside!

Here is what the inside looked like:

I cut and shared the fudge with everyone in my family. Everyone agreed it was delicious. It was the Java Crunch Flavor, and it was basic chocolate fudge with coffee powder sprinkled on top. I personally am not a fan of coffee at all, and even I liked it (although I liked the bits without the coffee better). The texture was smooth, creamy and the right kind of soft. I only had two bites because I'm doing P90X and I have a wedding to look good for. I think my mom and sister had one or two as well. My fiance, who is a choco fiend, had four. My father is the King of the Choco Fiends and he had the entire box, minus our pieces. He recently went vegan, so I was happy to make the concession to him.
In the future, when I am too lazy to make my own fudge, I will definitely be buying from Allison's. Since Father's Day is coming up, I think I may have to order some more chocolate products!

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