Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loving Hut

First off, Loving Hut sounds like a Polynesian porno title. But I digress. I've had a drink from the one located in the Westfield Shopping Center in San Francisco, but I've never had their food before. See, I'm not big on Asian food, except perhaps Indian. I don't know why; their flavors usually aren't my thing. But Mikey likes it (he likes it! Hey Mikey!) (sorry, that was terrible) so I gave it a try.

I went to the closest one, in Upland, Ca. They sell some prepackaged foods at their counter, like Daiya, Dandies, Go Max Go candy bars and Vegenaise there, which is pretty cool.

Their menu was different than the one in SF. That one was more like a Panda Express, with pre-made food under heat lamps. The drink menu there was also a lot smaller. This one had a fairly decent menu with good drinks.
I had a berry shake to drink:

It was nice and creamy, kind of like drinking berry ice cream.

Mikey had pineapple green drink:

It as very sweet and syrupy, too much so for lunch.

For our lunch, I had the Simply Fried Rice:

It was fried brown rice, with chunks of peas, carrots, onions and fried tofu. The fried tofu was meant to resemble the flavor of chicken slightly and was very good. I put a lot of chili sauce on it, but then, I love things spicy. It was fried with a little soy sauce and was simple, but filling.
Mikey had something called the Sweet and Sour Lady. It was not the most weirdly named menu item, either. I'm shocked mine wasn't Super Love Happy Rice.

I frankly thought it was disgusting. I think the mock meat was supposed to be sweet and sour grilled chicken and I don't care for sweet and sour food. It is not something that appeals to my palate. The mock meat was also chewy and weird. The salad had some funky ass honey mustard-like dressing on it that I did not think was appealing either. The brown rice was the best thing about it.
I suppose for former meat eaters who miss sweet and sour stuff at Panda Express et al., this would be a good transition. Mike thought it was great, so point proven. For me, however, I will stick to rice and chow mein at places like this.

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