Monday, March 28, 2011

Squash Enchiladas

Saturday night, my parents were going to have their usual weekend meal of fish, potatoes and salad, when I stepped in and said I was going to make dinner. My dad is considering going full on vegan (he eats only fish and a modicum of dairy right now) so I'm trying to keep him away from the animal products.
I decided to make squash enchiladas. I posted the recipe on VegWeb here:
I also made the yellow rice from the Viva Vegan! cookbook and some refried beans.
Here I am preparing the filling. I used Mexican squash, yellow squash and zucchini, mixed with onion, serrano chile (I use jalapeno if I have them) and spinach.

After about ten minutes or so, when the squash is nice and soft, I filled up the tortillas like so:

And finally I threw green sauce over the whole thing and took the little bit of leftover filling and put it on top. It's messy but delicious.

You have to use green sauce with enchilada sauce wouldn't compliment the taste of the veggies very well. I suppose you could use a little bit of Daiya, but I find it pretty tasty without it.

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