Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Vegan BBQ

Before I start, everyone thank a veteran today. Even if they haven't passed away, every veteran sacrifices a lot for his or her country. Regardless of your feelings about Iraq and Afghanistan, our veterans deserve our support.
On to my BBQ.
I bought the stuffing portobellos from Trader Joe's instead of the large ones for my BBQ. I figured I got more mushroom for my dollar that way. In the morning, I basted each mushroom with a mix of balsamic vinegar and olive oil and then I poured a little in the dish to marinate the bottoms of the mushrooms. I let that sit for about six hours.

When they were done, they looked something like this:

Mike grilled them for about five or so minutes on each side, gill side first. He noticed that when the gills were up, they began to get juicy in the middle, which is normal. When they were done, they looked like so:

I also made a potato salad. I don't really measure when I make potato salad, but it went something like this:
I took a bag of potatoes from Trader Joe's, washed each potato and cut them into cubes. I boiled the cubes in a pot on the stove for about ten minutes, drained them and let them cool for about twenty minutes. When they were cooler, I put them in a big bowl and mixed in about three big spoonfuls of Vegenaise. I chopped half a red onion and threw those in, as well as three celery stalks. Instead of using premade relish, I diced up a bunch of pickle slices (about 20)and added those as well. I then seasoned it with a bunch of salt and pepper to my own tastes and I got this:

The picture keeps flipping itself, sorry. But it was yum.
We also grilled some Smart Dogs, Tofurky Italian brats and veggie burgers:

The spread:

And my dinner plate:

We also had vegetarian baked beans, chips and grilled corn, of which I got none because it wasn't ready when I took the picture and when it was finally ready, I was too stuffed to move.


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