Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chili Addiction Review

Sunday, after attending the LA Times Festival of Books at USC, Mikey and I went over to Chili Addiction, since we were already in LA. I have been wanting to try it for a long time since it keeps getting rave reviews and it's vegan AND omni-friendly.

I must confess something: I am addicted to nachos. I could eat nachos morning (chilaquiles!), noon and night. They are delicious, they are utensil free and they can be made in a million different ways and still be tasty. So despite the fact Chili Addiction has many different types of vegan sausages and burgers, I went straight for the vegan nachos, with the Santa Fe chili:

They were so good!! The Santa Fe chili consisted of black beans, veggies crumbles and garbazos in a tomato-based chili sauce. They were topped with raw white onion, Daiya cheese, a tomato salsa and fresh jalapeƱo peppers. The chips were homestyle and amazing. The salsa was almost exactly like my favorite salsa ever from La Tolteca, here in Azusa (although they have nothing else vegan). I must make my own version of these nachos soon. The spice level was perfect. Not too high, not too low (although I confess some of my jalapeƱos made their way over to Mikey's chili mac).

Speaking of which, Mikey got chili mac with the other vegan chili, the Durango. It was veggie crumbles in a chili sauce. No beans. It was topped with Daiya, and on top of elbow macaroni. I had a bite and it was pretty good, although I would have preferred it with a cheesy Daiya sauce, a la Amy's macaroni. Still delicious.
If I lived closer to this part of LA, Chili Addiction would probably become an addiction for me. Go try it!

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